Kairos Therapeutic Healing Center 
Reclaim and Restore what is yours . . .

 Kairos Mission

 to provide individualized patient centered therapeutic care to relieve pain and dysfunction, allowing a healing transformation of body/mind/spirit.


Therapeutic Solutions

Sports massage on leg
Physical Therapy

A strong emphasis in manual therapy and a focus on proper functional movement patterns that will improve a patient's quality of life. A patient-therapist centered relationship where the ultimate goal is the patient gaining control and independence over the management of their previous diagnosis, symptoms, and pain. 

Holding Plant
Functional Wholeness

Treating the patient from a "whole person" approach. A deep dive into the root causes and imbalances in the body's systems. Educating on the importance of nutritional and lifestyle choices and how they can positively balance the foundation of life. 

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Mobile Service

No need to leave your house during this time of uncertainty and social distancing. All services come straight to you, in the comfort of your own home via in- person or telehealth visits.  Any necessary equipment is brought to you for use in individualized and progressive therapeutic care plans. 




Discover the connection between physical therapy and functional wholeness.