Tell me your story. . .

I believe a person who in a condition of feeling overwhelm, confusion, lack of hope, and anger towards their downward spiral of health that has lead them to chronic pain and chronic disease needs to feel 3 things immediately upon sitting next to me in a meeting. First they need to be heard. Second they need to be believed. Third, they need to be validated. I believe storytelling is narrative medicine. Here, at Kairos there is a safe space that is free from judgment. You will sense an emotional connection from my deep intent and curiosity in listening to your story.  With the healing atmosphere at Kairos, a person can make sense of how their own personal experiences, their backgrounds, and their beliefs may have played a role in their current conditions. Fears, grief, doubts, or the perceptions of these have the space to be valued as significant for each individual.  Acceptance is given and an incredibly healing message is received that says, "You are not alone." 

The Leap

What is Functional Wholeness? 

Functional wholeness is a process and a journey of returning to a complete, undamaged, healthy state of mind/body/spirit. Each one of us has a history that makes up our background and experiences. These may include past traumas, grief and loss, toxic relationships, ACE (adverse childhood events), or an identity based on lies, for example.  Wrong choices regarding self-care, nutrition, boundaries and health were made from an unconscious mind that has ultimately led you on this road to chronic disease.  Chronic disease is based on the fact that the body keeps score of what we have gone through in life. The human mind/body/spirit has the ability to adapt and endure to survive, but often times it has internalized the pain and chaos. This pain and chaos become deeply rooted and can eventually adversely affect each one of our body's systems. 

But there is good news! Your habits and tendencies are not your destiny. You can create new patterns of thinking/believing/behaving that will pave the way for new neuronal pathways throughout the rest of your entire life. It is possible to reverse chronic disease when you can claim the root cause and transform it. At Kairos, I guide you to find meaning from your experiences, and lead you to find order out of the chaos your past has created. The second half of your life has the power to be even better than the first.

Back Massage

What is Physical Therapy? 

Physical therapy is a process and a journey of bringing isolated areas of the body that have been disconnected due to injury or compensatory patterns of movement.  Chronic pain that has developed over a period of weeks or months is experiential and unique to you, and you alone. At Kairos, I take an ethical stand, and take very seriously the relational aspect between myself the practitioner, and you the person in pain. At Kairos, there are no labels, no stigmatizing, and no ICD-10 codes. I look at why you feel the way you do, and take into serious account the many layers of life experiences and personal beliefs that have created your story.  Where the pain is being felt, often times, is not the root cause of your pain symptoms. I assess above and below the areas of concern and take into account postural abnormalities, gait dysfunction, ADL's (activities of daily living), and your level of self-efficacy. Self-efficacy is the level of confidence in your ability to exert control over your environment and situation that may be influencing your experience of physical pain.  At Kairos, you not only reach your therapeutic goals to function and move with greater stability and mobility, but you obtain the tools to be able to manage your condition and prevent future injury and dysfunction.