At Kairos, I use an approach taking the "whole person" into consideration. Each patient has a unique background and history all their own. Each individual must be cared for in a way that will resonate with them on a meaningful level. 

Working in a one-on-one setting in the home, is ideal for the patient when particular education and empowerment lies in lifestyle changes that oftentimes are made right there in the home setting. For example, educating on items found right in their own kitchen refrigerator can allow for understanding better food choices required for healing to take place in the body's systems. This can take place in a personalized way with guidance from Kai to better serve the patient. 

When in pain and unable to function properly, having your physical therapist come directly to your door with PT mat table, modalities, equipment, etc. can be a saving grace for the injured patient in need. 

Massage Table
Comfort of Home!
No Travel Time!
Private one-on-one care!