My Story

Kai Aird, PT



  • BS in Physical Therapy from FIU Miami, FL

  • PWA (Professional Wellness Alliance) license to educate in all areas of health pertaining to functional wholeness  click here 


  • MFR (Myofacial Release) from John F. Barnes, PT

  • FMS I (Functional Movement Screen) from Gray Cook

  • Certified Health Coach from United States Health Foundation

  • AFMCP from IFM (Institute of Functional Medicine) click here      

  • Functional Medicine Fast Track Clinical from Garric Volsoo, PT

Welcome! I am the owner and director of Kairos Therapeutic Healing Center. With more than 20 years of experience in physical therapy, I have had a passion for helping my patients get back to the life they love through the latest advancements in functional medicine and rehabilitation. 

Coming from a line of medical professionals gifted with healing hands, one being my father, an internationally acclaimed hand surgeon, it was natural to gravitate towards the avenue of healthcare. My training included an internship with physical therapists at a clinic located on the renowned Harley Street, in London, England. Working with these highly skilled European physios stimulated my interest in manual therapy. Working in a variety of settings, including Dan Marino Pediatric Outpatient Center and Boca Raton Regional Hospital, I gained experience in pediatrics, orthopedics, neuro-specific, and post-op care.  After a decade of working in the industry and achieving several certifications, I opened my own physical therapy practice in 2008. 


For the past 10 years, I served as the resident physical therapist at Mizner Country Club in Delray Beach involving clinical work in a variety of areas including orthopedics, golf/tennis injuries, post-op care, and neurological dysfunctions. Finding the root cause of a patient's dysfunctional movement pattern has been the core of many gait abnormalities, mechanism of injury, sedentary lifestyles, and frequent re-injury.  All too often, though, there was more to a patient's decline in function, and I was determined to find the answer in functional medicine. 

Since relocating to Jupiter, FL, I was led to expand my approach to include functional medicine in my patient care. This came about partly due to my own health decline due to a time of personal challenges. My own "Kairos moment" came when my own personal challenges were driving my health straight towards an autoimmune diagnosis. This prompted me to make huge lifestyle and nutrition changes that led to a healing, not only in my body, but also in my mind/soul/spirit. Something so simple and small as sleep was one neglected area that I had to make the first non-negotiable in my life.  But these personal development steps were only part of the process. 

When healing is allowed to dig deep into the root cause, removing negative thoughts can free yourself to live in your true identity. These negative thoughts can be lies that create what I call, "stinkin thinkin". These lies that were deeply rooted in my thinking, robbed me of my true identity, my true purpose, and my potential to be truly whole.  Aligning my true identity in who God created me to be, has created a wholeness from within that is healthy from the inside out. Right believing leads to right living. Being willing to change my thinking from lies to truth created the space to make healthy choices and establish healthy boundaries. This newfound balance in my life gave the systems in my body the space for homeostasis to occur.  This wholeness received is what gives resilience to endure whatever storm or trial life may bring.

Today, I find true joy and fulfillment in helping people find this same freedom from chronic pain and diseases including type 2 diabetes, auto-immune, gut dysbiosis, neuro-degenerative issues, musculo-skeletal issues, chronic fatigue, brain fog, obesity, sugar cravings, depression, IBS, and many more. I look forward to meeting and working with the complex cases that have been down all the conventional roads without success. If that is you, you have finally found your answer. 


In health & wholeness,