"Kairos" originates from the Greek word meaning "time". To explain more in-depth, Kairos represents a critical time that is brought about by pain, overwhelm, diagnoses, symptoms, and confusion. That moment that calls for an action, a change, and ultimately a transformation in your life.  An opportunity where a choice must be made.  A fork in the road.  At Kairos, you have support to guide you on your journey towards health and wholeness, and away from illness and dis-ease.  Where darkness and gloom once ruled, healing and a bright future can be the result from this Kairos moment. 

Pocket Watch in Hand

 Both words health and wholeness are derived from the word "undamaged". The process of becoming "undamaged", is very individualized for each patient. It is the root of all healing that begins with caring for one's deeper self, and finding what gives each patient their sense of meaning and well-being. Functional wholeness combines healing the entire person including mind/body/thoughts/emotions. Here at Kairos, you are supported on your journey towards your body finding healing and your mind/thoughts/emotions finding balance. Your inner self in balance gives you the ability to drive your daily habits and lifestyle choices the right way.  This consistent growth and development will then transfer as homeostasis in each of your body's systems.   When given the right environment including right thoughts and beliefs, right foods and nutrients, and right rest and restoration; chronic pain and disease no longer have the right to flourish and survive.  Goodbye to advanced aging, hello to longevity!