Have you been suffering from a diagnosis, condition, or symptom that have you stuck at home? Do your symptoms have you labeled as being "less than" in your work, your relationships, and your hobbies? Do your symptoms have you now feeling depressed and older than your age? 

The root causes of chronic pain and disease can often be traced and reversed with transformations made in stress, sleep, self-care, nutrition,  and movement. 

Vegetable Picking

Functional Nutrition

Functional Lifestyle

Functional Assessment

This approach teaches patients to become aware of how food may be impacting their state of health or contributing to the development of chronic disease. It encourages and guides them to build a healthy relationship with food. 

Food is: 

  • energy

  • information

  • connection

  • medicine

This approach teaches patients to understand the impact lifestyle choices around topics such as sleep, stress, self-care, and relationships have on their chronic pain. Support and guidance on how to lead a healthy lifestyle will be incorporated to promote healing, restore health, and improve function. 

Proper lifestyle choices are:

  • restoring

  • repairing

  • healing

  • balancing

This approach provides each patient individually the "inside scoop" on how the body is functioning and responding to it's given biogenetics, and environment. There is no guesswork and gives substantial evidence of the progress towards optimal health and wellness. 

Assessment includes:

  • internal lab work from blood/urine/saliva/stool 

  • questionnaires

  • physical evaluation

  • in-depth history and background


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