"In Kairos, we become what we are called to be as human beings." 
Madeline L' Engle
   Circle of Quiet (1972)
(Author of A Wrinkle in Time (1963))

Kairos Core

"Kairos" originates from the Greek word meaning "time". To explain more in-depth, Kairos represents a critical time that is brought about by pain, overwhelm, diagnoses, symptoms, and confusion. That moment that calls for an action, a change, and ultimately a transformation in your life.  An opportunity where a choice must be made.  A fork in the road.  At Kairos, you have support to guide you on your journey towards health and wholeness, and away from illness and dis-ease.  Where darkness and gloom once ruled, healing and a bright future can be the result from this Kairos moment. 

 Both words health and wholeness are derived from the word "undamaged". The process of becoming "undamaged", is very individualized for each patient. It is the root of all healing that begins with caring for one's deeper self, and finding what gives each patient their sense of meaning and well-being. Functional wholeness combines healing the entire person including mind/body/thoughts/emotions. Here at Kairos, you are supported on your journey towards your body finding healing and your mind/thoughts/emotions finding balance. Your inner self in balance gives you the ability to drive your daily habits and lifestyle choices the right way.  This consistent growth and development will then transfer as homeostasis in each of your body's systems.   When given the right environment including right thoughts and beliefs, right foods and nutrients, and right rest and restoration; chronic pain and disease no longer have the right to flourish and survive.  Goodbye to advanced aging, hello to longevity!

Kairos Culture

It is regarded as natural in our society to succumb to high stress, lack of self-care, toxic relationships, and the SAD (Standard American Diet). Over time this out-of-balance life is what creates the environment for dis-ease to begin. Quick fixes aren't possible when it comes to grief, anxiety, trauma, chronic pain, and chronic illness. These are long term issues that require a certain environment for healing to take place. It calls for 3 main areas in life to be optimally functioning and in proper alignment for healing roots to grow in one's life. . .


Breath is the most powerful tool you will learn at Kairos. Breathing is both a response and determinant to your emotional state at any given moment. The #1 most impactful way to decrease stress and the fastest way to change your emotional state is through breath. Breathing benefits include:






abdominal pain 

tension in muscles  



blood pressure

asthmatic symptoms

The biophysiological change that takes place is made directly to your ANS (autonomic nervous system). You shift from the sympathetic response and into the parasympathetic response and balance is restored. This tool has made the most impact to so many chronic pain/disease sufferers at Kairos. 

Beliefs are to an individual, as an engine is to a car. One's beliefs form their energy and reason for being. First and foremost, here at Kairos, who you are matters. Who you are is valuable, significant, and worthy.  If one is curious as to whose they are, the Bible is the guide regarding all questions pertaining to the meaning of life.  At Kairos, God is known as the Creator of all things. Opinions, traditions, or beliefs steeped in religion and laws rooted in condemnation, guilt, or shame are not the heart of Kairos. Grace based faith rooted in His perfect love for us, the power of the cross and His finished work, and His presence in our lives, is embraced here. 


"For in Him we live and move and have our being."

Acts 17:28

This is the life verse here at Kairos. 

The root of many addictions, self-destructive behaviors, depression, and insomnia can be rooted in false beliefs about who you are and what you were created for in this world. Lies can be planted in our minds from childhood or adulthood in the form of verbal abuse, blaming yourself for things you have no control over, or poor self-worth. Here at Kairos, you will be given the truth about who you are and your reason for being.  Right beliefs lead to thoughts based on truth.  Thoughts based on truth lead to emotions and feelings no longer based on a lie. This is how the struggle to change behaviors and actions is resolved. These 4 areas are often affected by how our belief system is structured.


"A heart at peace gives life to the body." 

Proverbs 14:30


"Your crown has been bought and paid for. All you have to do is put it on your head." 

James Baldwin



"Beloved, stop striving through your own efforts and rest in the Lord’s love for you. Rest by trusting in His finished work. . . That’s how you allow His grace to abound in your life. His grace will stop that addiction. His grace will drive out that disease. .” 

Joseph Prince

     proper perspective

on past hurts

"You've gone into my future to prepare the way, and in kindness you follow behind me to spare me from the harm of my past." 

Psalm 139:5



Lifestyle choices are the heartbeat of Kairos and directly affect the body and it's ability to thrive. No longer barely surviving and suffering to function each day, you have stepped into the way life was meant to be done. Balanced. Establishing self-care as non-negotiables become a practice, and then a habit here at Kairos. Each of these 5 areas are tailor fit, custom designed to meet your body's individual demands. The result? 

A life lived from a place that feels right from the inside out. A life of abundant peace, being your true self, moving in your true identity, and living with true intent - healthy, whole, and balanced. 

  1. Eating with intent, purpose, and enjoyment. Having a healthy relationship with food where the body is given what it needs. Food is information, connection, energy, and medicine. 

  2. Movement that creates vitality and energy. Originating from a place of symmetry in stability, flow in mobility, and being grounded. 

  3. Sleep and Rest that allows time and space for self-nurturing and self-care. A way to restore during one's day and/or night.

  4. Bowels that absorb, nourish, and eliminate efficiently and effortlessly. 

  5. Boundaries set in place where harmful substances/chemicals, and toxic people/situations/beliefs are considered non-negotiables.